Three for You

It’s not every day I’m quoted by NBC2 News, even if the bastids went the cheap route of using only six words. “Fair usage” indeed. Anyhow, my absence here has been all too obvious. The least (very least . . . trust me on this) I can do is repub three of my Library Journal […]

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We Get the Gods We Deserve

Despite the “attractive” allure of being aware of recent philosophical trends, there is the necessity of absorbing their effect. No matter the status of your personal (i.e. income- or cultural-based) condition, none of us are exempt from living with the consequences of decisions made by those in positions of power, be they politicians, academics and/or […]

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Metanoia and Dark Theopathy

“An ecological future must voyage through intensity . . . and for that we need maps.”—Timothy Morton METANOIA: aphoristic fragments/dark noise splintered from the novel 1. Even while nourishing them, it destroys meaning. 2. The unearthly stillness and peace of empty places. 3. Global sub-reality is a state of loss. 4. There’s a frenzy to […]

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Prisoner of Infinity: UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation

[From Fortean Times, #369/August 2018/Dennis Publishing Limited, London] Review by William Grabowski Prisoner of Infinity began 1 May 2013 as an online art installation called “Crucial Fictions,” and reached final form in January 2017. Long before this start-date (marking the online aspect—not the author’s longstanding awareness of these issues) the wholesale dismantling of societal infrastructure’s “core […]

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My Mars Future and Two Reviews

A filmmaker/executive producer in Hollywood (Holywood? Highly Weird?) has contacted me with an offer to join his writers’ room, where roughly 5 to 9 scribes will turn out scripts for a projected HBO/Netflix Originals dramatic series set on a near-future Mars. “Stoked” doesn’t begin to describe how I felt immediately after our 1-hour phone conversation—Fuckin’ […]

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