Metanoia and Dark Theopathy

“An ecological future must voyage through intensity . . . and for that we need maps.”—Timothy Morton METANOIA: aphoristic fragments/dark noise splintered from the novel 1. Even while nourishing them, it destroys meaning. 2. The unearthly stillness and peace of empty places. 3. Global sub-reality is a state of loss. 4. There’s a frenzy to […]

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Prisoner of Infinity: UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation

[From Fortean Times, #369/August 2018/Dennis Publishing Limited, London] Review by William Grabowski Prisoner of Infinity began 1 May 2013 as an online art installation called “Crucial Fictions,” and reached final form in January 2017. Long before this start-date (marking the online aspect—not the author’s longstanding awareness of these issues) the wholesale dismantling of societal infrastructure’s “core […]

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My Mars Future and Two Reviews

A filmmaker/executive producer in Hollywood (Holywood? Highly Weird?) has contacted me with an offer to join his writers’ room, where roughly 5 to 9 scribes will turn out scripts for a projected HBO/Netflix Originals dramatic series set on a near-future Mars. “Stoked” doesn’t begin to describe how I felt immediately after our 1-hour phone conversation—Fuckin’ […]

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Report from Nightmares Film Festival

My friend director/writer Mike Lombardo’s first feature film, I’m Dreaming of A White Doomsday, had its world premiere Friday 20 October at Columbus, Ohio’s amazing Gateway Film Center.  I made a rare journey (soon to become less rare, as 2018 will without doubt be my busiest—and life-changing—year in this dark mortal coil) west to my old […]

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