Metanoia and Dark Theopathy

“An ecological future must voyage through intensity . . . and for that we need maps.”—Timothy Morton


METANOIA: aphoristic fragments/dark noise splintered from the novel

1. Even while nourishing them, it destroys meaning.

2. The unearthly stillness and peace of empty places.

3. Global sub-reality is a state of loss.

4. There’s a frenzy to call the lost thing until it comes back.

5. If the lost thing returns, you won’t recognize it. Or, if you do, temporal duration will have charged it with estrangement and alienation. This hauntological presence will be unbearable.

6. Desire to snuff the romantic dreamer in order to reconcile with life, and the unspeakable indifference of the phenomenal world.

7. Out in those pines, oaks, and mosses that process seems to be taking place by way of some ur-logic utterly bereft of moral codes, natural law, and so-called cosmic order . . . so strange a process—if that’s actually what it is—we feel it shouldn’t exist. Or at least shouldn’t exist here. But that’s the problem: it is here.

8. The internet has instigated the “loss of loss,” because nothing dies anymore.

9. The weird and the eerie are now inseparable from the mesh comprising the hyper-real fizziness oozing across the social, cultural, and political landscape.

10. Physics that “goes all the way.”

11. Materialism to the nth degree.

12. The unnerving, impersonal calm characterizing the rift between perception and actual objects, which are always withdrawn behind a veil of cognitive saturation. Despair surges not from what we are, but that we are at all. The Real is forever immanent.

13. Vestigial semantic content [VSC]: meaningfullness absent of meaning. The uncanniness of our relation to self, time, and place. Missing persons within our own lives. The stark fact that writing, language, and memory are sourced in estrangement. That human consciousness (presuming the bleeding-edge investigators are correct), its functional self-model, evolved either by mistake or as a weapon in a continuously optimized “cognitive arms race.”
a. Creation became Work.

b. Joy became Animal Predation.

c. Life became Survival.

1. Self-management. Turn Predation into Creation.
2. Tactical Media Theory. Relentless critique of philosophy.
3. One Solution. Remain ruthless, open, healthy.
4. Keep in mind the quote reminding us that philosophy and war are the “secular arms of the purism of transcendence.”

*Original corruption of creativity, during the Paleolithic, by agriculture and religion. S/witchcraft, if you will, employed by controllers terrified of “unchecked” ecstatic enlightenment.

The more we know about an object, or entity, the stranger it becomes.

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