CREEPSHOW: Graphic Novel Adaptation of a George A. Romero/Stephen King Film

Creepshow Graphic novel adaptation of the George A. Romero film, written by Stephen King Cover art by Jack Kamen; interior art by Bernie Wrightson, with Michele Wrightson Gallery 13 May 2017 Reviewed by William Grabowski, for Horror World-dot-com [19 June 2017] Heh-heh-heh . . . here it is, kids! Out of print since 1982, Creepshow […]

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Wicked Wonders by Ellen Klages

My review of Ellen Klages’ essential short-story collection. With an Introduction by Karen Joy Fowler, author Ellen Klages takes so-called hard Science Fiction, clasps its rigid hand, and leads it into fantastical narratives haunted by childhood summer camps, science projects, a Mars settlement, a corrupt 20-year-old Smithfield ham (that’s not product placement), and spaces where time […]

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