William Grabowski

Bio: An explorer of existence, fascinated by so-called Fortean (or anomalous) events, conspiracy theory, weird/horror fiction, old-school industrial music, Punk, Prog Rock, Ambient, genuine eccentric geniuses like Tom Waits, and the (fiery!) culinary arts. Grabowski is the author of nine books (ghostwriter of more) and over 400 short stories, articles, essays, interviews and reviews in FORBES, CEMETERY DANCE, PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS JOURNAL, FORTEAN TIMES and others. Recent titles are the techno-thriller INFINITY POINT, media tie-in CASTRO'S CADILLAC (from the screenplay by Michael Sayles, optioned for film on 12 September 2016 by CuffLink Productions), Amazon bestseller BLACK LIGHT, and TRACES OF OBLIVION—a collection of best short stories including his 2004 novel THE UNTOLD. Five years with World Fantasy Award-winner THE HORROR SHOW earned Grabowski a Best Writer nomination from SPWAO. He's a popular guest on radio and podcasts, contributing editor at NYC's LIBRARY JOURNAL magazine, IndieReader-dot-com, and a staff editor with Sinister Grin Press. Twitter: @WillGrabowski

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