Metanoia: Report on Probability #1

“We don’t want other worlds; we want a mirror.”—Solaris (1972) Outside looking out, Watcher-A drifts above towers of silence in the dead city, pauses after 73 hours of surveillance to bask in magnetic fields droning behind Tulip-in-Bloom, corroded petals and rockets erect as if worshiping the sky in submissive defeat. Yesterday, frozen winds sliced emptiness […]

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Ghosts of Point Pleasant

  A less structured, impressionistic post for you today, covering several of my trips to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and surrounding environs. Roughly a mile upriver of Point Pleasant, and on the Ohio side of —you guessed it—the Ohio River, is a quiet nook easily missed unless you’re looking for it. A green-lawned patch, replete […]

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Paranormal Relevance: So What?

  This article will annoy True Believers, and likely infuse True Skeptics with warm fuzzy feelings. I intend to provoke neither response—I’m not a True Believer or a True Skeptic. Those slots on the evolutionary chart represent extreme perspectives, and I’d like to think myself possessed of a more “balanced” sensibility (laugh it up, critics).  No matter Colin Wilson’s credo: “The outsider’s salvation lies in […]

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