Comet Press Selects my “Out Hunting for Teeth” in YEAR’S BEST HARDCORE HORROR: VOLUME 2 . . . & other news

From Day One, this week has gone from crawling-through-glass futility to swinging-from-the-chandelier joy—and hoping the chandelier doesn’t crash down and become another hazardous shatter.

I’ll save you some Sunday time by simply listing the Good News.

  1. Thanks to editors Randy Chandler and Cheryl Mullenax, my short story “Out Hunting for Teeth” made the cut for June 2017’s Year’s Best Hardcore Horror: Volume 2, from Comet Press, which will feature 2016’s outstanding crop of short fiction representing the extreme, harder side of horror—stories that break boundaries and trash taboos. Please note this material will not appeal to casual readers looking for a “comfort read” or the sort of escapism annoyingly present in books and stories offering recycled zombies, werewolves, and glittery vampires.                                               download
  2. My pal Mike Sayles called to say his screenplay, Castro’s Cadillac, has been optioned for film by CuffLink Productions, a house best known for the psychological thriller A Place in Hell, which starred Lewis Smith from Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. I wrote the media tie-in (screenplay novelization) based on Mike’s darkly comic script. Fans of USA Network’s Burn Notice might like our Cuban (mis)adventure. We hope so, anyway!castroscadillacposter5_6c86df22-030f-4959-91fc-e8d63ff9ddff
  3. Amazon offered my nonfiction book Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena, free through today—Sunday, September 18. Last Thursday it hit #1 in its category. At this very moment (9:34 AM) it sits at #2. I suspect that truly gnarly event might’ve made me have a few fleeting moments of what can only be described as “uncanny.” What you would describe as “joy.” And it is to you I bow in gratitude. Did I mention I couldn’t have done it without you? No?blacklightcov
  4. I couldn’t have done it without you. Even I know that, and I’m fucking cold. Now go snag a copy before it’s too late: Black Light 
  5. Continuing my apparent domination/exploitation of those friendly, inquisitive Canadians, host Dave Scott has invited me back onto his Spaced Out Radio way up in Vancouver, BC. This marks—some time in November—my third Canadian guest spot since May. The sweet smell of success . . . bacon and pines.

    6. I’ve been writing the first draft of a new novel, tentatively titled Metanoia. For someone used to writing 2-3 books per annum, having an entire year to create what will be a fairly large psychological thriller seems unimaginably luxurious, like finding out you’ve been allowed an extra 5 years to live.
    7. I will, of course, still be a contributing editor with NYC’s venerable (since 1863!) Library Journal, and the beyond-incredible Metaphysical Circus Press’s magazine of slipstream/surreality See the Elephant. Editor-in-Chief Melanie Lamaga tells me my first review will be posted this Wednesday.

Over and out . . . exiting on hyper-loop ghost-stream 99^7^^ . . . .

Enjoy this: Klaus Schulze LIVE: 1977


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