Author Jack Brewer

In order to give the reader a succinct summary of Jack Brewer’s recently published The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, the book’s back-cover copy serves best:

[The book] explores the ways deception, sensationalism, and questionable ethics characterize the UFO genre. With interviews and insights from James Carrion, Leah Haley, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, Simone Mendez, Carol Rainey, Emma Woods and others, the manipulation of ufology as perpetrated by suspect individuals and the intelligence community is documented. The circumstances prove relevant whatever personal opinion one may hold on the mystery of UFOs and their alleged occupants.”

I know Jack Brewer, so cannot fairly claim an unbiased perspective. For what it might be worth, though, I can claim to share his views as stated in The Greys Have Been Framed—and boy have they! Been framed, that is.

Exactly who’s doing the dirty work is easy to answer, so long as you have titanium nerves and the ability to suffer fools who’ll do everything in their power to troll your website, drop (usually) illiterate comments in profusion, leave behind some spiky malware to shred your operating system, haunt your phone, and—occasionally—issue a few old-school threats. One enduring (annoying) aspect about ufology and its marginal realms: Once you open that door, rifle the filing cabinets, make an exit into vast star-frosted night and write a book, the Life You Knew is forever (well, at least for an extended period) changed. . . .

For good or ill, you are One of Them. Unfortunately for writers like Jack Brewer, who demand—and hunt down—verification, practice ethical inquiry, and therefrom produce reports backed by documentation, there will follow accusations of “insider” status. For True Believers, those possessed of (or by) fantasy proneness and/or some borderline pathology, the “Just-the-facts” approach of Brewer et al., peering into the dark incestuous playroom of ufology sets off alarms.

280 pages: trade paperback

Frankly, the heinous practices pointed out in this carefully organized, well-indexed study, deserve to be widely exposed. Mind control; abuse psychological, sexual, emotional; utter contempt for patient/doctor confidentiality; shocking ignorance of even basic science and its methods. What most bothers me is the nearly complete acceptance of proven frauds and abusers (some on the criminal level) by mainstream UFO organizations. These are the same that put the burden of proof on skeptical/questioning types, yet allow those known to have committed reprehensible abuses against vulnerable human beings (I won’t mention one name in particular, but it rhymes with “Jacobs.”) to give public—compensated—talks and lectures, thus spreading the disease of irrationality and worse. Sizing up the next victims of “alien abduction” for mounting on office walls (couches?) with other trophies taken during successful predatory runs. All grist for the next book.

From “The Raping, Murderous, Mind Reading, Sperm Collecting, ET-Human Hybrid Baby Snatchers” to “The Rosetta Deception and the UFOs That Never Were,” to “Airman Mendez and the Mirage Men” and the facts of “Leah Haley and the 139,” “21st Century US Illegal Human Experimentation,” and others. Brewer’s interviews with James Carrion and Dr. Tyler Kokjohn are in-depth and intelligent, and provide—among other things—commonsense alternatives to certain investigatory methods.

Nothing in The Greys Have Been Framed is sensational or confabulated, but is every bit as disturbing as such books. The most unsettling elements of ufology often have little or nothing to do with the subject matter, but rather the shocking inhumanity and manipulation practiced by those who claim to seek truth.

Jack Brewer is to be lauded for writing a genuinely ground-breaking book about a field of study that has been too long starving for its like.


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