Nobody Here But Us Martians

Am I the only one sick unto death about seeing nonsense “explanations” for physical anomalies imaged on the Martian surface? I hope not.

When I first started paying attention to these images, my curiosity was alive. But no more. C’mon people, even if the red planet once supported any kind of life, it’s long dead. Millions of years’ worth of wind-sculpting has created the surreal shapes now unforgivably reported as saucers, bones, people, entities, etc. Yet our ever-honest media craves our “clicks,” and titles these images in ways almost guaranteed to get them. “Is this a skull on Mars?” etc., when they must know better. To hell with them.

I won’t be at all surprised if once-living microbe fossils are discovered, or even those of rudimentary life-forms—but that’s it. These stabs at sensationalism ought to be beneath any serious “news” reportage. Nice to know I’m considered a complete blithering idiot, except I’m not.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, the crash of an F-117 Stealth fighter (which the genius media keeps referring to as a “bomber”) is reported, with no reassuring headline mention (even in parentheses) that no one was injured or killed. Nothing. I had to watch the video just to be sure. No shit they were lucky! And I’m so relieved the wreckage was immediately removed to prevent some kid from back-engineering the non-classified technology.

Absurdity on this level makes me pine for the old days of three TV channels, cigarette-smoking news anchors who told you (mostly) the truth, and no Internet. Of course I’m a hypocrite. I’d be dead in the water without the Web.

That, however, does not forgive blatant grabs for clicks based on manufactured hysteria. Amen.


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