On Coast To Coast AM with George Knapp

What a rush, my friends.  Now I understand what people mean when they say they had “A life-changing experience.” I gratefully join them in expressing this.

I urge you to have a listen. Even though I’ve followed George’s Emmy Award-winning career since the Area 51/Bob Lazar break-out in the late 1980s, I had to catch my breath (literally) and respect the opportunity to actually discuss BLACK LIGHT with a man who’s been in the paranormal (and investigations of the Mafia) trenches. If you haven’t picked up a copy of George Knapp’s and Colm A. Kelleher’s HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER, then please do so. The book documents high-strangeness in Utah equal to that of Point Pleasant, WV. Disturbing material. My voice mostly held out, but got a bit ragged toward the end. No excuses. I drank three enormous glasses of water, which I hope no one heard. Glug glug glug, but my mouth was drier than the friggin’ Sudan.

Regrettably, I strayed more than once from George’s incisive questions, which he very subtly redirected me back onto. I love the hell out of him for playing, during commercial breaks, the Foo Fighters, Robin Trower, and Ten Years After–rock bands close to my black heart. I was terrified my portable landline would fail, but obviously it didn’t. Thank you, Godz of the Wires.

I constantly–who knows why–had to remind myself I was actually on the air with the actual George Knapp. Probably this is noticeable, but I got over it. Could any writer possibly ask for a more generous intro? Nope–not THIS writer. The Nick Redfern portion was killer, and thank George for mentioning the segue would be seamless. I agree.

Beyond this, I have nothing more for this post. Just genuine thanks to George for taking interest in my Magonia piece last year, where I wrote of my long-ago first reading John Keel’s THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES.

Thanks to all who listened, and shared their thoughts.


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