Cut the Leash

Something very rarely–if ever–openly discussed in Ufology, is the possibility of absolute USG manipulation dating to post-WWII accounts. Why, you might ask, would American defense powers carry out such a dishonest plan? There are many reasons, the foremost being that of appearing In charge of American airspace. Frankly, the threat was there, but not in any quantifiable way. Sure, Japan unleashed their Fugo balloons, which were not effective in any major fashion, but did manage to kill a woman and five children during a church picnic. That alone, of course, was enough to ignite most into watching the skies. It would today, were that to happen.

Keep in mind, the initial post-war years were fraught with fears of Russia dropping atomic bombs on us, because they had stolen the technology from spies planted in New Mexico and elsewhere. Another matter, to this day, not often mentioned is that the Russians were indeed fearful of “going atomic,” as doing so would almost certainly bring about WWIII. No one wanted that. America had B-52 bombers in the air 24/7, prepared to drop the Big One(s) if necessary. Both sides knew what that meant. They didn’t have many bombs, but what they had was enough to cause major lasting ruin in terms of initial blast and especially fall-out. As you know, this summed up the beginning of the Cold War. Would either power have the stones to drop the Big One? Given what we know about heated exchanges between JFK and Russia…not likely. We came close. I’m just old enough to remember the “bomb drills” from kindergarten. We were given the impression that an A-bomb strike was survivable. Right. Both sides were sweating blood. And America already had demonstrated what A-bombs could do via Hiroshima and Nagasaki, from all accounts shocking even to “us.”

So began the opening of a can of worms that never will be closed. While I don’t have specific numbers, and why would that matter, the tally of nuclear devices these days is more than sufficient to vaporize 6 billion people, despite “paring down” of armaments. We all know this. The Pope can call for thinning this out. A laughable notion. No one in charge respects that call, which even the most hardened atheist might accept. After all, none of us can survive the equivalent of having our Sun touch down on Earth–millions of degrees. It has been said, mostly in a few well-wrought fictive stories, that nuclear weapons can literally annihilate the electro-magnetic structure of our souls. Who knows? Anything capable of vaporizing steel can surely do the same to atoms and molecules.

True, “we” do have limited devices sufficient to destroy a target. So far as I know, no country has used these. If I’m in error, please tell me. I don’t feel like looking that up. I do think that whatever happened in Roswell might have something to do with early tests of atomic “close-range” weaponry. That’s a big “might,” though, because there are no reports–so far as I know–of radiation-type injuries from whatever came to ground. Even the reports you all know of people handling debris bear this out. They would have gotten sick, in an undeniable way. The research of Martin Cannon (wherever he is) points toward a number of unusual deaths in circa 1947–and after–Roswell. I don’t know what he meant. You can review his “Truth and Consequences” article on the Internet, but he made it clear that the number of deaths is suspicious, and that if it were to become known what actually caused them, lawsuits would exist to this day. I cannot know if that would be true, but I don’t doubt it.

This does go some distance in “explaining” the lame and confusing accounts given in the “official” report. Out of all the Roswell theories, this one to me lingers.  When there is a possibility of a huge lawsuit, tied in with national security, well….

I’m not saying anything new. But I keep going back to this.


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