Roswell Slides: Oh What New Madness Can This Be?

Many of you probably are aware that certain parties claim to have obtained “new” images of a biological entity supposedly recovered from the infamous Roswell crash of 1947. I became aware of these Kodak slides while visiting the website of author/investigator Kevin D. Randle, whose credibility I rate somewhere around 70%. Please note I have nothing but utmost respect for his decades of genuine boots-on-the-ground research—this is a man who’s done the work. While I don’t see eye-to-eye on much of it, he certainly deserves to be placed in the highest regions of Those Who Have Walked the Walk, many times over. He makes Keel and Vallee look like slackers—and that’s saying something.

The whole deal sounds stinkier than dead squid baking in the sun, but I understand the necessity for someone to check the details. As I wrote in my recent book, Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena, I pretty much view the Roswell Incident as a hopelessly blurred and dead (no pun there) subject. Yes, something crashed; I seriously doubt the wreckage recovered originated beyond our ken. I’m 98% sure its source lies in the then-classified (for good reason) Mogul project(s). That annoying 2% doubt occasionally bothers me, but not very much and not very often. As stated in 1996 by Martin Cannon (wherever he is) in his starkly blunt “Roswell: Truth and Consequences,” something happened, and this resulted in inexplicable deaths in the region, which apparently were cancer-related. Google the piece, read it, and see what you think. It makes Mogul (though a genuine, documented reality) sound too convenient. I could be wrong, of course. But I think Cannon really scraped the material to its baking bones. An early bio-toxin delivery device gone wrong? Scattering death over the desert? I don’t know. But as Cannon wrote, it seems to explain the extreme difficulty of finding genuine documentation on the matter. To this day, lawsuits would be a reality if it came out that the crash debris caused human deaths. However, those directly involved with handling artifacts, from available accounts, did not meet their end from exotic toxins—so there you go.

The slides, if you’ve seen the somewhat obscured versions, to my vision show mummified human remains. This entire attempt to hold back until 5 May (Day of the Dead in Mexico, where the big reveal is slated to occur) only reinforces my feeling that nothing valuable will transpire.

Let it go. And leave Randle alone.


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