2014 Summary and a Thank-You

Thanks to those who have supported me, and shown genuine interest by picking up a copy of Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena. By any standards, 2014 was an incredibly prolific year for me. I wrote 4 books (2 under my name; the others—a dark conspiracy thriller, and a screenplay novelization for a forthcoming Australian indie film—as ghost-writer), 8 short stories, around 60 articles for 2 Paragraphs.com, and a handful of book reviews. Oh, almost forgot about the article on Magonia Blog (“First Read: THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES”) which scored over 3,000 hits, making it the third most-read piece since the magazine went online in 2005.

I’m not sure I have much more of relevance to say about UFOs and so-called paranormal phenomena. Both fields of study are growing—especially in America—increasingly idiotic and polluted by TV bullshit featuring illiterate young people prancing around with EM meters (they respond to simply being held, to iron bed-frames, and other interference which not a single one of these “ghost hunter” shows ever has mentioned filtering out!) and doing their best Blair Witch Project vamping. Amazingly stupid, annoying, and close to criminally irresponsible, since common TV-watchers actually believe what they see and hear.

Anyway, The Night Run might end its dark explorations. I’m not 100% sure, though. As they say, “Watch this space.”

And thanks….


2 thoughts on “2014 Summary and a Thank-You

  1. Thanks for your work, Bill. I can empathize with your views of ufology. It can become very difficult to have much to say that is not critical, if not extremely critical.

    May good times and prosperity lie ahead, whatever directions you choose!


  2. Thank you, Jack. You hit the proverbial nail on the head. We’ll see what happens. The more I consider it, the less I want to stop The Night Run. If I have relevant thoughts, comments (I’m keeping out of the Roswell slides affair, though curious about that), etc., they will appear here. You rock, my friend.


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