Updates and Such…

Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena, which started this blog, is within weeks of final form. Footnotes (no easy task!) have been placed, and John Rimmer at Magonia Blog (London) has recently published a nostalgic article on my first reading of the late John A. Keel’s The Mothman Prophecieshttp://pelicanist.blogspot.com/2014/06/first-read-mothman-prophecies.html

Black Light will be first available as an eBook on 1 September 2014, at Amazon; later (in 2014) as a Trade (over-sized) paperback. I thank anyone who has taken the time to visit The Night Run, and—after an initial thought of quitting—I plan to keep going here. Why? Well…just because. The book itself has been an active project for many years, mostly a journal to remind myself why life—despite personal downturns, discovery that many so-called classic UFO events were lies and hoaxes, and a jarring realization that nearly everything I thought I “knew” about the unknown was based on escapism—is worth living. Something far too subjective to share, unless articulated in a voice stabilized by heeding those veterans who’ve taught me there is value in sharing experience, if only in hopes that doing so might spark others into fresh lines of investigation.

As most of you know, the Internet has had a chaotic influence on anything “paranormal”—idiotic YouTube videos, hateful screeds obviously (and poorly) exploiting beliefs in “alien abduction” in order to recruit those who support reprehensible campaigns not very far removed from eugenics and the seething racism and paranoia behind that insane anachronism. I had, in my ignorance and too-trusting hope, desired to see the whole continuum of anomalous (Fortean, Magonian, etc.) events forever sustained in a poetic (if often disturbing) fantasy of good-will and genuine potential for improving our common humanity. As “innocent” as contactees in the 1950s….

I was, of course, wrong.

Our world is a grim place, yet vibrant still with invention and creativity and humanitarians—some of whom have been subject to vicious suppression. On several occasions, I have been on the receiving end of what can only be called intimidation tactics—I don’t know why. But I decided it’s better to ignore those and get on with what, at least to me, matters. Paying attention, not only to the unknown among us, but to an all-too-“real” world struggling with micro-managed wars, economic uncertainty, political non-events, and what appear to be authentic ruptures in global climate—human-caused and cyclical. As the cliche goes, we’re all in this together….

I thank you again for following The Night Run.




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