Just When You Thought…

“Things” were okay, you get a mixed message.

I’m not sure what to make of reports of people hearing very strange sounds in the air, so simply will start by telling you what I’ve gathered.

The Internet has produced, as always, strange events. Like you, I have checked these out, and will remain ever impressed by the artful fakes so obvious to anyone with a brain.

However…there are a few things, captured on cell phones, I have a hard time discounting. Chalk it up to my not owning a BlackBerry, or indeed any mobile phone. I hate them, and will never be chained to one. If you must call me, then call me.  Get over your stupid “Apps” I have no use for. If I want a pizza delivered, I know how that’s done. If I want my opinion on Mel Gibson, Barack Obama, or whether I think Flight 370 was hijacked, you’ll read it here. Trust me, I have opinions on all of these topical matters, but they aren’t well-informed. Nor are yours. You’re simply taking in what you’ve been told—just like me.

It took a lot for me even to be aware of these strange, very loud, sounds recently reported.

Have you heard these? A few remind me of those used in WAR OF THE W ORLDS, the Spielberg version. You know, that horrible, terrifying, “trumpet of God,”  sound you never want to hear twice in your life. I saw that movie, and will admit it scared me. No small task. But I was able to put myself there, and take in the horror, because it was so well thought-out. People recently have reported, and apparently recorded, what sounds very much like those same sounds.

I don’t know what to make of these, because none require any visuals. The sound, when recorded in an urban setting, leads to me suspect hoaxing. Another recording, made by people in the middle of nowhere—as they say—has me guessing. The sound itself grates like some vast machine melting down, like metal against metal. And the video I saw came from cross-country skiers, fumbling and natural.  The sound itself is overwhelming, completely unnatural, and mysterious. As disturbing as those gigantic machines in War of the Worlds. In fact, what I heard sounded a bit too much like those, but the people recording them sound absolutely frightened.

I am aware certain “earth-sounds,” pre-earthquake, have been recorded, but they sound nothing like these.  If these recent sounds are not hoaxed, then I have no idea what they might be. Again, I had to be reluctantly made aware of this, because I have seen so-called UFO footage that turned out to be nothing beyond Venus, over-flights of aircraft shining anti-collision lights, rescue helicopters viewed from afar, etc. But the audio, especially in the “skiers” account, is to me genuinely strange. Google this, and you will find numerous accounts of an exceptionally loud, bizarre, and unaccountable sound. Frankly, a very aggressive, threatening chaos.

I’ll go further. Military intelligence has been known to test new tech, as they did on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and in the San Francisco Bay area, long ago. Are these acoustic ruptures an expansion on those? I don’t know. I hope not. What I do know is that military technology has the capability to test whatever they choose on an unsuspecting populace. As one of these “populace,” I am concerned. I have, as you, the “right” to be concerned.

During the 1990s, and frequent reports of black, triangular “UFOs,” I examined official FAA reports. I was not, of course, the first to do this. These inquiries always came back to me, couched in similar language. “Please consult the Air Force. We have no current data on aircraft, employed or otherwise reported, that represent delta-shaped vehicles.”

In short, a Boeing 747, under cloudy conditions, might appear as a “triangle.” True enough, and I have seen traditional aircraft under exactly those conditions.  They can appear strange, especially if viewed at night, when normal anti-collision beacons appear triangular.

Again, and I hate to admit it, any aircraft flying for our benefit (national security) is bound to be taken for a UFO. It isn’t my place to question those employing such craft, but it does make the identification virtually impossible. My guess is that it won’t take long for the delta-shape to vanish, whether from advances in “smart-camo” or some other technology, these facts can’t become known. This is why I no longer claim to know anything about “UFOs.”  These are no longer the gentle 1960s and 1970s, with “flying saucers,” being reported. Perhaps they never were. The Cold War was a very real, very scary, reality. A chess game between super-powers with the ability to destroy us all.  They retain this power, but no one wants to use it. Why would they? The playground bully is alive and unwell. Ready to pounce on the least weakness.

The only aspect working in humanity’s favor, is that this is known. Monitored, sniffed, and considered in a way beyond the simple Cold War game of Who Has The Bigger Bomb. The game remains, but has become a question of survival, not dominance. Life in an explosive, complicated world, where nothing and no one can be fast enough to keep up with the next super-computer’s surveillance; where mountains of data overwhelm the human capacity to sift meaning; where DNA can reveal my ties to someone who lived 900 years ago, whether I like that or not. I am out of the loop. Levels and levels beyond The Terminator, now nearly a quaint notion.

I see it all as a loss of potential. A chance to use what we have to give rare glimpses into where we came from, even why we exist.

But that’s just me.


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