In the Name of…

Whoever’s in charge. Is it the Trickster? I think so.

   Nature has not recently been kind to me, and has taken the lives of my car, furnace, and water. The old 1-2-3 punch, valid now as ever. But who am I to complain? After all, I live in a state whose water supply was poisoned by corporate shit-heels. But not mine. I was spared that indignity. 600,000 others were not.

   I was lucky.

   No conspiracy here, just the simple complacency of a structure in place long before I was born, and living in a different state–in many ways.

   This tells me never to trust the EPA, despite their “high” technology and reasoned explanations. Those explanations might very well be responsible for human deaths. In fact, I know they are. But the EPA does not speak to us in comprehensible terms, because that would lay the burden on them of plainly speaking, of which they are incapable. They will never know–or in fact care–how many lives they ruined out of a casual disregard for same. But I’ll do my best to remind them. I’m very good at that.

   The fact that this kind of recklessness is tolerated, until tragedy hits, is an abomination. Those in charge, as ever, are unaffected by their own laziness, and put blame on those already stressed out and broken. And I’m sure the new joke will be (rising above that said about Mexico) something to do with not drinking the water in West Virginia. Ha-ha. How Funny! How sophisticated!

   Pardon my English, if you will, but here’s my intellectual message to the coal-burning bastards of West Virginia (who indeed are supplying the power for this blog): FUCK YOU.

   And good night….


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