The New Weird: Four Questions with instructor Alexander Lumans

In a break from my usual subject-matter, I’d like to share this very incisive piece by Kristin Pazulski. It addresses (indeed answers) some questions posed by those who might not “get” the attraction of science fiction, speculative fiction, horror, and the so-called New Weird. As a writer (fiction and non-) in all these categories, I find it both informative and inspiring.

The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog

By Kristin Pazulski

As a non-reader of science fiction, when I think of the genre, images of aliens and space creatures invade my mind. But a conversation with our new faculty member, Alexander Lumans, illuminated for me a different perspective on science fiction—one of reflection, post-apocalyptic disaster, and the “new weird.”

He is teaching short story workshops this session, and while he’s off to a writing residency next session, he’ll be back afterwards. Also, his story “All the Things the Moon is Not” is a finalist for the 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award. You can read and vote for his work here.

A lot of his recent work is rooted in the tradition of science fiction, so we chatted about it.

1. Where do you find the inspiration to write science fiction? Do you take real life and spin it into a fictional world, or is it all pure imagination?

Every story that I write feels weird…

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