Chapter 17

The Mutilators


Anyone even remotely familiar with UFO phenomena will be aware of accounts, since at least the 1960s, of animal mutilations.

You simply can’t get around this, and who would blame you? After all, official records exist documenting these eerie, bizarre events. Even the FBI, after considerable coaxing, took these seriously.

The Bureau many assume is covering up the “facts,” did indeed investigate the hundreds of reports that seemed to have originated in America–primarily in Colorado during the early 1970s. The mutes soon spread into Iowa, Texas, New Mexico, and as far as Ohio and Pennsylvania (where angry ranchers formed a group to voice their concerns). After all, losing cows meant losing money.

Here’s what happened.

The FBI found no “tangible” evidence of human cause–and stated budget limitations prevented actual stake-outs in areas with the highest number of reports. We’ve all read the conclusions: “Animal deaths appeared to be due to predators–wolves, wild dogs, coyotes, etc.” In short, out of the very few on-site investigations, the FBI decided that “mutes” were natural–a fact of life, and death. No doubt many of these were due exactly to that. They even checked out the most stoic, sober owners who claimed to have witnessed bright lights, and unmarked helicopters, seen near where dead animals later were found.

What is not so well known is that, during World War Two, officials worried that foreign powers might covertly enter North America to spread deadly toxins among the beef supply. In fact, this had actually been carried out during the first world war, resulting in many human deaths–conveniently left out of official history.

What no one saw coming was the wide-spread, ultra-covert, monitoring of American ranches. The solution is so easy it’s scary.

Similar to discrediting present-day UFO reports, the mutilators evolved their methods along with technology–particularly with advances in aviation and stealth. Combined, this covert approach was (and is) capable of reducing the most respectable witness to a blithering idiot.

Example: I’m standing in the center of 100 acres of grazing cattle. My neighbor has lost a few to some vicious–and highly precise–mutilation. Eyes scooped out. Genitals taken. Anus cored and removed. Lips removed with laser-like surgery–burnt edges testament to some high-temp instrument. We’re talking a very angry ranch-owner unafraid to use deadly force.

Our rancher grows tired, and hits the bed. Hours later his wife pokes his shoulder: “Honey. Wake up. There’s something out there…”

He wakes, grabs his weapon of choice–and halts at the sight of some amazingly lucid light stabbing down out of the sky onto his pasture. Enter, if you will, his boots. Pissed-off and afraid, Mr. Rancher steps outside and trots toward the intruders. Have no doubt, as brave and weathered as he is, our rancher is asking himself a burst of questions. What is this? Who is this? Why is this?

If he’s as intelligent as we hope, he will do anything to avoid using deadly force, simply get out there and protect his livestock…

Abruptly, things go weird.

He’s standing there freezing his ass off, watching an intense, oddly-configured light pattern. It doesn’t matter. Saucer-shaped. Cylindrical. Or, the most reported, triangular…hovering over his acres.

Again, he’s angry and afraid. But probably anger rules. What the hell, right?

He stalks the night, and soon sees something he can’t imagine. A UFO. Already he hates that idea, but what else can it be? What else could be so silent, so strange. It might take 15 minutes for him to reach where the perceived light stabs down. By the time he gets there, thinking who knows what, the deed is done…

This scenario puts our rancher in the very rare 1% to have witnessed anomalous lights and aerial vehicles present on his property.

The light silently vanishes. Our rancher arrives on a scene of bizarre violence, one or two of his expensive cattle dead–no footprints, blood, or evidence of predatory animals.

Should he make the mistake of calling authorities, he is dismissed as a loony….

Here is the “secret” of the mutes.

His investment has been butchered by covert members of the government. Why? We know why. Someone must check America’s beef for toxins. Period. This explains virtually everything. The randomness. Stealth. Mimicry of UFO-type craft. You report this, you must be a nut.

This is why the mutes are truly random. It would do no good to test a controlled, contained ranch–they never move out of the region. Hence the stealth, disinformation from government, and discrediting of witnesses.

Wild, eh?

It is. But think about it. There really is no alternative to this horrible program. In order to survey whether our beef supply is tainted by enemy toxins, the survey must be random, stealthy, and carried out by a very small team.

No one will take seriously the statements from ranchers–or any witness–who claim UFOs came out of the sky to kill cattle–ever.

As far back as the 1960s, technology existed to mimic “UFOs.” Now, this same magic is far advanced–capable of fooling anyone. Do I think this forgives the ruining of lives, the shredding of income, the trashing and suffering of “dumb” animals?

No. But the documents exist. Old documents, chronicling the success of little more than covert operatives carrying corked test-tubes needled with toxins. That they were able to do so much with so little, puts an entirely different spin on the phenomenon of cattle (and other) mutilations.

A little research will inform you that toxins are most effectively detected in the lips, ears, genitalia, and eyes of animals. The black-ops methods to do this have existed for decades.

Of course it’s wrong, horrible, and something no one wants to take seriously.

Keep in mind, though, that many accounts of so-called Men-in-Black, throughout decades, have turned out to be employed for similar reasons. You report a light in the sky, on the ground, or even on your private property. Weird men (or women) knock on your door in the dead of night, present official I.D., yet behave strangely…knowing that, should you report them, you’ll come across as a complete lunatic.

Does this explain all anomalous events? Of course not.

The message remains: Report these things…and lose whatever “normal” life you once had.

A simple “truth” since before the long-dead Cold War….


You bet.


Don’t ask.

Lights in the sky hovering above your ranch?

Do yourself a favor.

Accept that we have no future…only risk-management.

Hang on…I see a light in the field. 




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