“Grabowski here, sir!”

   “Good. Now, what is it you have to say?”

   “Just a few things, sir! Won’t take long, sir!”

   “I hope not…we’re all very busy.”

   “Understood, sir!”

   “Shut up.”

   Taking a few much-needed breaths here between my commercial work (story-editing a screenplay for an Australian team; final edits on a mainstream novel ghost-written for an NYC client) to thank all of you for visiting The Night Run.

   As most of you know, I’m primarily a writer of fiction: short stories, novellas, and novels. Too, I write nonfiction (this blog, for instance) whenever I can. Recently I’ve resumed book-reviewing, something I haven’t done since 2000; the very form that began my entire career waaay back with David B. Silva’s World Fantasy Award-winning The Horror Show magazine. Most of these new reviews are published at Hell Notes and Horror World (under the editorial eyes of, respectively, Aaron French and Nanci Kalanta, who is associated with the venerable Cemetery Dance magazine).

   So, consider this brief piece a state-of-the-writer address.

   January 2014 will see the publication of my darkly-comic novella Johnny Flash, a chronicle of the effects of an Internet leak on a small town with a strange history.

   That same month, the print edition of Black Light: Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena, will be published via Oblivion Press.

   In the works are an illustrated novella, and a large-ish novel mixing elements of horror, speculative fiction, paranoia, and perhaps an answer to how the world might function a decade or so from now.



  “You done? We’ve got shit to do, pal.”

   “Yes sir! Thank you, sir–“

   “Oh god, shut up…”

   We now return to your regularly-scheduled programming…Sir!

   “That’s it–find me the pepper-spray!” 


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