Chapter 15

What Is, and What Won’t Go Away

If we are to accept what TV, and the Internet, tells us, we live in a grim world where danger lurks around every corner. Pederasts hunt our children; psychotic losers buy assault-rifles and unleash rage in schools; politicians visit prostitutes, repent, and again run for office (considering that 6-figure book deal).

Our all-too-real world becomes a nightmare of constant threat, unsafe infrastructure, and political “scandal.”

In between reports of soccer fans beheading and tearing apart a referee (online for your indulgence), we are urged–twice in one commercial break–to hop in our efficient cars and grab burgers and fries, the bigger the better, right?

At least we have the assurance that most movie-trailers will unfailingly present explosions, gun-shots, and a little nudity. Lucky us.

But you know this.

At present time, we still take in UFO reports, harder and harder to weed out the “real” from the manufactured, the sanctioned drones from the unidentified.

The weird stuff–beyond that made by humans–is still out there.

Case in point: regardless of your opinion of Whitley Strieber (of COMMUNION fame), he employs someone who collects digital footage of UFOs. When I write “UFOs,” I mean simply that: Unidentified Flying Objects. No matter that sophisticated investigators use the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, it’s the same deal.

You probably know how easy–if expensive–it is to fake UFO photos and video. This has been a thorn since the 1950s. In fact, some of the best photos from that period have been questioned given present-day technology. Many have been proved as hoaxes. Not all, mind you.

Our world, compared to that of the 1950s, might as well exist in a completely different universe. Nothing is the same, except the common human craving to escape harsh reality.

People lied then; they lie today.

This doesn’t make them monsters. They suffer from our collective spiritual despair, where our lives are stripped of mystery, where anything smelling of authenticity (your mother’s meatloaf, punk music, tattoos, growing your own food) is immediately commodified and marketed back to us.

What I find most strange, regarding UFO sightings, is that their manifestations have not changed since at least the late 1970s. How can this be? They began as essentially religious visions, then reflections–after the Industrial Revolution–of barely-possible technology. The 19th Century gave us blimp-like “airships,” just beyond human capability. One of those airship sightings, in 1897, took place 30 miles south of where I live in quiet Sistersville, WV. Too bad no one had a cell phone.

The 20th Century was full of saucers, cylinders, and shapeless blobs. No government on earth could have built the vehicles reported in the 1930s as “discs.” But someone did. Were these, as Carl Jung wrote, projections of the collective unconscious? If so, where did this collective forge its metal?

The 1980s began sightings of aggressive, non-stealthy “black triangles,” most noted in the classic Hudson Valley material. Soon they were reported everywhere. In my opinion, exotic, radically-advanced prototypes were used to “test” public reaction. This sort of dishonest crap was suggested as long ago as 1952, in order to use the UFO phenomenon as psychological warfare. Why? Because a UFO “flap”–real or not–might clog military lines of communication, and give free reign to a genuine attack from “foreign powers.”

I suppose this was necessary, but who can total the number of lives disrupted by such recklessness?

Today, we still see reports of saucers (not so many), and definitely hear of the dreaded triangles. Cylinders. And even small, refrigerator-sized “boxes” hovering over private residences. I can’t know whether someone has mastered anti-gravity, but it kind of feels that way.

Returning to Strieber and his Unknown Country website, there was a video showing an overcast gray sky. The footage was shot from a car, and is very strange. Is it fake? I don’t know, because I am no authority on such matters. A cell-phone camera is aimed out of an open passenger window toward a stormy sky, turbulent as if about to form a funnel cloud. All at once a cylinder–which must be very large–drops through the clouds, obviously churning up its surroundings. The well-defined object hangs there for a few seconds, as though uncertain, then rises back into the clouds. I’ve viewed hundreds of videos like these, but this had an “organic” look. Shocking. This thing just popped down, then went away. Assuming it was a physical object, bereft of propellers or forward movement, what the hell was it?

We cannot know. But it did give a chill. If fake, the fakers ought to seek out Steven Spielberg. He has a job for them….

That roiling sky existed in 1950, as it does now. The real challenge is that of figuring truth from fiction. In our world, there seems hardly to be a difference.

It bothers me that the UFO phenomenon seems to have stopped “evolving” in accordance with human belief systems. We no longer can count on that very smart theory, simply because there are too many objects aloft in charge of spying on us–in the same way that used to drive 1950s witnesses into implosions of paranoia.

This doesn’t mean we ought to stop paying attention. But it does complicate the watching, and I don’t admire any present-day investigators trying to soothe some witness very upset by their sighting.

No closure here.

Just a simple observation.


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