As you can see, this post is apart from the usual–with reason.

   I have spent most of my time relating odd–to say the least–accounts of paranormal events. We live in a world far removed from that of 1950s and 1960s anomalous reports, but I suppose that is my point. Compared to what apparently might be happening today, i.e. UFOs, ghosts, etc., those days ring as if collected from either clueless witnesses or cynical poets. Perhaps both.

   Yet I know that is not the “truth,” for these witnesses rarely volunteered their names, and often went out of their way to assure anonymity, completely apart from how such matters usually play out today. 

  What I think is this. UFOs exist; by which I mean Unidentified Flying Objects are a fact. Even the Air Force will admit as much. But that’s all. They are not–nor am I–admitting UFOs are extraterrestrial. This is the “conspiracy” so many believe. The government knows all. I doubt  this. What they do know is that unknown aerial objects populate our skies, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Especially today, with drones and other less-aggressive vehicles a simple–if often deadly–fact of life. Literally, we cannot know for certain what we see. A state of affairs basically brand-new, and completely confusing.

 I do think there is a genuine UFO “reality,” but now so muddied by drones and non-lethal platforms employed by global intelligence, we have a next-to-zero chance of sifting wheat from chaff. And that hurts.

Does this mean we ought to stop paying attention? No. It does mean we must be absolutely vigilant in our reports. I wish I had the answer. But if I happen to witness the now-classic “black triangle” UFO, I would hesitate to report this, because enough has been published in the open literature regarding these mostly silent, sizable craft.

True, such craft were witnessed as long ago as the 1950s, and I don’t know what to make of such reports–but they exist. Either human technology is levels and levels advanced beyond what we know (Stealth-fighter, bomber, etc.), or we are not alone. Either way, this is being used to further the protocols of national security.

It is not my place to question the agenda of those charged with protecting me and my interests. This is where I differ from those–William Cooper, Lear, etc.–in viewing UFOs as hostile, abducting, implanting etc. Simply put, the technology many claim to be used by extraterrestrials has existed among human hands since at least the 1950s. I urge anyone refuting this to read the Congressional hearings from 1977 against the CIA’s MKULTRA. Google MKULTRA and you’ll see what I mean.

Horrible things were done to further knowledge of how best to subdue or otherwise control those opposed to American dominance. This is not secret, and dense with quotes from CIA operatives who were very uneasy with the program. These projects often had their genesis in the assumed threat of Russian superiority.

What superiority, you may well ask.

Nutty as it sounds, both USSR and USA scientists had had some success with “remote viewing” and what can only be called “telepathy.” Cerebral action at a distance. Both sides saw the reality of this, but could not figure how to control it. Depending on where you read, today, these experiments continue. Are they unethical? Crazy? Who cares?

Given today’s kill-em-all no-matter-what stance, should we be concerned?

Of course. I can only speak as one living in America, but can’t help notice what we’ve given up. The Boston bombings certainly didn’t help. Post 9/11, America has become a place where anyone with olive skin better watch their ass, even sever ties to loving family overseas. Not right, or even fair, since most coming over are here because they want the same simple “freedom” as me, sitting here writing this.

The National Security Agency now has the computing power to intercept, if not instantly decode, all electronic communications. I’m not denying them this god-like power, but it is wide open for abuse. We have no choice. The very fact I’m okay with this bothers me, since I have nothing to hide. But that’s not the point, is it?

Humans cannot–as the NSA admits–make sense of this data. Machines flag certain words, yet are so overwhelmed it might take months to boil down useful intelligence–while requiring the power of a small city to fuel the water-cooled supercomputers.

Should I applaud this? I guess. I have no choice.

Those who believe 9/11 was a “conspiracy” are wrong. Read James Bamford’s THE SHADOW FACTORY: THE ULTRA-SECRET NSA FROM 9/11 TO THE EAVESDROPPING ON AMERICA. What you’ll see is many, many people lacking the ability–and in a few cases, desire–to share data with the the CIA and FBI. Simple, stupid shit. And they admit it. They had what they needed, but couldn’t connect the dots fast enough.

I have no hesitation in telling you that this was a failure–of sorts. Not a conspiracy. Why would anyone–with or without family–plan to destroy America? Simply put, they would not. Would you?

I used to think otherwise, in the cliche “they know something,” etc. I was wrong. I cannot imagine going to work every day charged with this burden. Sorry to disappoint you, but conspiracy of this size requires too many players. You have a family, or even not, you don’t nuke where you live.

Why was President Bush clueless? Because he was exactly that.

True, there are elements that don’t stack up. Why were fighter-jets not scattered immediately? I can’t say. At the time I lived 30 miles from Somerset County, witnessed the classic black helicopters heading that way. Had I dared flown a small airplane–a Cessna–I might have been shot down.

Much about 9/11 doesn’t feel “right.” But I doubt that has anything to do with American conspiracy.

I think it has much to do with simple human shame, and the lack of trust between those who might have known better than to keep secrets from one another.

I fear saying this, but wish events had turned out otherwise. And that the ultimate price is our loss of privacy.


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