Chapter 9


At 54, I have read probably as much about the so-called Roswell Incident as anyone.  It’s hard to ignore, not only because of what it might mean, but why America (indeed, the world) is so obsessed with the matter.

   Here’s the thing: something crashed near Roswell.  What that thing was, no one can (or will) say.  In fact, about all one can say about the matter is that there was a coming-to-ground of something.  True, it’s easy to ask: what can anyone possibly add to the extant literature?  This is not a yes-or-no topic, i.e. did something actually fall?  It did.  What came after is fraught with misinformation, disinformation, mythology, wish-fulfillment, insanity, and someone’s uncle’s direct involvement with a nameless nurse.

   I am honor-bound to admit that I respect the considerable research (no names…you know them) carried out, often without compensation of any kind, by individuals tougher far than me.  Sometimes I think Roswell has become, if not exceeded, the penultimate mystery, akin to that offered by Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln in their Holy Blood, Holy Grail, wherein the authors make their case for our knowledge of Christ being incomplete.  I was raised to believe and respect Catholicism which, in my huffing, grudging way, I’ve come to agree to disagree with.

   What’s that mean?  It means I think Christ was actually a flesh-and-blood being, thus no stranger to pain and the simple facts of life.  Was he divine?  With all due respect to Sister Bonaventa (who smacked my hand with a ruler for breaking a clock), I can’t claim an answer.  Frankly, I’ve learned more from independent study than anything she taught.  I wouldn’t be surprised, were she still among us lucky few, if she ran down the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and phoned their parents, as she did mine.  No good deed goes unpunished–especially that of asking simple questions.

You see, that’s how it goes with believers.  Tuck in your white shirt, leave questions at the door with your chewing gum.  Speaking only from experience, what I learned from catechism is this: Question us and suffer….

So it goes with Roswell.  Investigators smarter far than me have done so.  I question their motives.  I am not above wanting to know what happened.  Who is?  While I cannot for the life of me recall who said this, here it is:  [paraphrasing]: If an extraterrestrial vehicle came to ground on American soil, this would not have been kept secret.  In 1947 there simply was no mechanism for the “black-ops” we see now in every exploitative movie and TV show.   Check history, and you will see that there were secret codes, covert operations, etc.  Compared to present day, these were primitive.  Had something absolutely incomprehensible dropped from the sky, whatever arm of military intelligence charged with recovery would have shouted for assistance from whoever they could find.  No effort would have been made to hide this.  Slow down and think about it.  Had the craft been Soviet, Chinese, etc., it would have been covered up.  The fact that it seems to have been should stand out.  Whatever crashed near Roswell was/is something no one wants to talk about.

Why is that?  Investigator Martin Cannon (wherever you are) wrote that the device might have been one of the first “drones.”  Tasked to deliver biological/chemical hell on America’s enemies.  Where better to test this mini-apocalypse than in the vast New Mexican desert?  The U.S. was test-firing V-2 rockets from Germany.  Why wouldn’t they, since these represented the state-of the-art in blowing shit up?  Cannon goes on to say that if what crashed near Roswell was some balloon-supported deliverer of toxins, it might be responsible for the many mysterious deaths that occurred in the state in 1947.  If indeed this is what happened, lawsuits might exist to present-day.  This would explain some hard-to-trace tales of locals being menaced at gunpoint to turn over fragments from the crash-site.  It is well known that government tests involving the dispersal of toxins over populated (San Francisco, the Pennsylvania Turnpike) areas were carried out, with no thought to consequences.

I’m not the first to ask: what could be so scary that, in order to cover its existence, would be called a “flying disk”?  Something so dangerous–and secret–that to admit failure and public exposure resulting in lethalities might involve massive lawsuits up to present-day?  This is why I view Annie Jacobsen’s Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base so vital to this piece.

In short, the book chronicles what most already know.  The vast region was–and is–host to test-flights of classified aircraft.   This is where the U-2 spy-plane, and the F-117 Nighthawk  (Stealth) were born.  The Area-51 mythology claims that recovered UFOs are “reverse-engineered” in order to create superior battle-space aircraft.  I doubt this, because enough evidence exists to point toward agents of disinformation charged with sustaining the UFO mythology.  Not only hidden from foreign powers, but from the American public in unavoidable overflights of classified vehicles, some of which employed exotic propulsion-systems and looked nothing like conventional aircraft.  Indeed, some of these are reported as triangular, or saucer-shaped.  It is not my place, or desire, to say this is wrong.  We live in an explosive world.  Those tasked with our defense must keep certain aspects of their operations secret.  I get this.  Those sneaking around Area-51 and other “secret” bases are buying in to the “reversed-UFO” mythology for good or ill.  Ask youself this elementary question:  If the United States actually has in their possession “alien” craft, why are these not being used against so-called “primitive” enemies like the Taliban?   Let’s face it, our enemies have cell phones.  Were we using exotic aircraft, they would be the first to photograph them and tell the world of our evil deception.  The fact that this is not happening says more than any rumor about Area-51 ever will.

Last, author Jacobsen claims to have nailed the truth about Roswell.  Upon reading this, I didn’t know whether to call anyone who might listen, or simply shut the hell up.  This claim alone shows how much even serious (as I thought I was) investigators grab the hook of Roswell.  Jacobsen claims to have interviewed several very old-school Area-51 alumni, who told her that what crashed at Roswell was indeed a disc-shaped craft, and bore occupants with over-size craniums and huge black eyes–akin to the “grays” in modern lore.  These turned out to be genetically-mutilated teenagers crafted by the Russians in order to terrify America, to be taken as “aliens.”  Jacobsen says, according to her aged sources, that Russia had anti-grav technology and put these “kids” inside.  Replete with Russian Cyrillic alphabet visible inside the craft.  Why?  The idea was to frighten American forces with aliens.  Why include obvious Russian symbology?  The idea, supposedly, is that the American military could not admit penetration of airspace by Soviet enemies.  None of this makes sense.  Why be obvious–even if American forces could not admit as much–about Russian origin?

Mirrors reflecting mirrors.  Somebody isn’t talking.  Whoever they are (were), they’re hiding something huge.  And it is not, as much as we might want to believe, evidence of extraterrestrial presence.  The truth, whatever that might be, probably is shocking, and more full of guilt and shame than anyone will ever admit.


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