Greetings.  Following this post is the first installment of my forthcoming nonfiction book: Black Light:  Perspectives on Mysterious Phenomena.  All future material will be a chapter-by-chapter share of the entire work.  To an old-school writer like me, this represents an entirely new way of introducing readers to my nonfiction (I am primarily a fiction-writer of novels and short stories, mingling elements of horror, thriller, surrealism and science fiction).

My desire is to have you follow me, and comment on Black Light.  I am open to all thought on this, and the work will progress accordingly.  The finished book will differ from these posts, based on your comments and/or questions, and evolve as organically as possible.

What do I mean by “mysterious phenomena”?  UFO reports; “entity” sightings; marginal data related to so-called psychic activity–poltergeists, ghosts, enigmas of everyday life, and even a short exploration into conspiracy-theory, all of which I think I have done a fair job of exploring objectively.  What does that mean?

Frankly, no one can be 100% “objective,” no matter the subject, especially in anything as highly-charged as the paranormal.  Why?  Because the field is wide, and includes psychology, physics, sociology, anthropology, folklore, urban legend, religion, belief-systems, linguistics and, of course, politics.

The casual reader might not realize just how deep serious investigation probes (or should, when properly done).  And who am I to carry this sputtering torch?  As you will read in my Introduction, I have no personal, political, religious, or ideological ax to grind.  Simply, I am a writer with long-standing interest in mysterious events.  How can I not be?  I consider the investigation of the unknown vital, because we might very well learn something about humankind:  Why are we here?  Why do we exist?  How do we exist?  What is the origin of our religious faith?  Is there something behind our days–call it what you will–controlling us?

I cannot (unlike so many who publish in this area) claim to have all the answers.  But I do have many questions that are not often asked by those with unknowable agendas.

My title, Black Light, refers not only to the rogue, elusive nature of such phenomena, but to how they are handled by those we pay to protect us.  Something is here.  It has been among us since time immemorial.  Whatever its genuine source, no official authority (assuming they know anything) can keep this hidden.  Why?  Unlike the Manhattan Project, which gave us the atom bomb, paranormal events cannot be controlled.  They do what they do, whenever and wherever they choose–for good or ill.

No matter what you hear or read, no government or individual (unless staging hoaxes to some political/religious/psychological end) knows what causes anomalous activity.

My wish is for you to join me, offer your comments and, perhaps, simply open yourselves to a world stranger far–and fascinating–than necessary, mundane life offers us.

–William J. Grabowski

“First, it is a mistake to believe in Authority, or to put blind faith in official reports, scientific theses, or the theory of a particular author . . . a good researcher should not be afraid to change his mind; he should not feel desperate because his comforting beliefs leave him as soon as he begins to think critically.  If he applies these rules, he may not solve all the problems he attacks, but at least he will be less likely to fall victim of every delusion or fad that is associated with them.”

–Jacques Vallee


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