Anyone reading this, I must assume, has an interest in so-called paranormal/anomalous phenomena.  Let’s get something settled:  why do I use the term “so-called” in my posts?  Because I consider all unknown phenomena just that: unknown.  Not outside our existence, simply not yet understood, or even recognized by official science.

Even if some events originate in another dimension of our multiverse, still they must be part of all existence.  Hence, there actually is nothing “supernatural,” just that which we do not yet understand.  This includes the most bizarre aspects of both documented and unreported activity.  UFOs, ghosts, poltergeist disturbances, channeling, telepathy, and the whole spectrum (psychic phenomena do occur within a measurable framework) of anomalous events.

The most intelligent investigators (John Keel, Colin Wilson, Jacques Vallee, Andy Colvin and a handful of others) have reached, if not a conclusion, at least a new starting-point.

1. Unknown events happen every day, everywhere, and have been occurring since time immemorial.  This is beyond argument.

2. What these events actually represent is entirely open to argument.  Hardcore believers only muddy the waters.

3. As the late John Keel noted: “Belief is the enemy.”  Why?  Whether you’re an investigator or simply interested in such matters, the phenomenon reacts to belief-systems.  Example: A Christian paranormal investigator documenting a “possession” believes in God and the Devil.  His/her techniques will be colored by this, and the energy spectrum (whatever its ultimate source) will always pick up on this, and use it.  I’m talking about mimicry and deception.  If one expects to find a devil, one will.  The phenomenon might even manifest audibly, and claim it is one of many demons.  It will know things about the possessed and the investigator no one human ever could know.

4. Why?  Because this intelligent energy exists beyond time-space, as though hovering above a vinyl record.  It can see past, present, and future.  It has no need to “read minds.”  This aspect convinces all too many that it is either God, the Devil, or your Uncle Al.  This doesn’t make it smarter than us, but (as noted in the film version of The Mothman Prophecies): It can see farther than we.

5. This aspect above all is the most disturbing, because it toys with our lives.  Scientist Jacques Vallee has noted that there are as many data showing hostile intent as there are for good.  The manifestations, be they UFOs, ghosts, voices, etc., ruin as many lives as they improve, apparently at random.

6. The largest problem always has been–and remains–one of belief-systems in the investigators.  Believers obviously always bear the weight of their narrow perception.  While this does not invalidate religious faith, it definitely shines a dark light on it regarding any chance of uncovering “the truth.”

7. I admit that we might not want to know the truth, because it has the potential for igniting spiritual anarchy.

8. Fact: our world is seething with spiritual anarchy.  Despite all the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, the event has a base in religious differences–something that, theoretically, should be impossible.  If all major religions believe in a Creator, why the slaughter?  In my opinion, political tyranny.  There you go.

9. On an even larger scale, I see the whole Good versus Evil reality as perhaps necessary–an extremely difficult idea to accept, let alone deal with.  Yes, genuinely good people die every day in often terrible ways.  But, as much as it pains me to admit, were humankind to have absolute certainty about the “rightness” of every action, there would be no reason ever to act.  Nothing to struggle against.  Hence, a world of complete passivity.

10. Just to be clear, I hate this notion.  But I do accept, grudgingly, that an Outside intelligence controls us.  I suppose one could call this God.  I don’t know, but certainly have no problem with the concept.  Atheism strikes me as empty and cold and useless.  Meaningfulness is where you find it, or create it.

11. We’ll more than likely probably never figure this out.

12. What I’ve garnered from taking in the great spiritual writings, is that matter (our bodies) is ultimately in existence to transcend itself.  The unknown, in all its many guises–positive and negative–appears to be at very least an enormous driver to this end, or beginning.

13. This doesn’t make our lives easier, knowing this (or suspecting same).

14. I would be very interested, for good or ill, to have your take on these matters.

–William J. Grabowski

“God does not play dice with the universe.”

–Albert Einstein


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